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Mylar Popper

£7.95 excl tax

Durable and flashy, the Mylar Popper is an excellent top-water fly when you quarry is busting bait on the surface. Strip it, then let it sit, then strip again. Just make sure to disrupt the surface. Work it like a wounded baitfish and strikes are bound to follow.

Unlike your standard shop brought Mylar poppers, these have a deep cupped face to push plenty of water. Instead of a thick coat of epoxy my Mylar poppers are finished with a coating of Plasti-dip to keep the weight down, making them much easier to cast.

Tied on Gamakatsu SP11-3H #3/0

They can be custom tied in pretty much any colour you can dream, just drop me an email to rstharvey@ukflies.com

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